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Pokimane caps Twitch donations, tells fans to support growing channels

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She says donations of more than $5 are “unnecessary”

Popular Twitch streamer Pokimane has confirmed that donations of more than $5 will no longer be accepted on her streams.

The streamer – real name Imane Anys – explained that donations of more than US$5 were “unnecessary” due to the size of her Twitch channel, while expressing gratitude to fans for their support. “Thank you for supporting me to the point where I consider anything more than that unnecessary,” she wrote,

Anys also asked fans to instead send their donations towards supporting smaller streamers, charities and personal causes. She also noted that she worked directly with StreamLabs to create the donation cap.

Read her tweet below.

Given her popularity and exclusivity deal with Twitch, which was estimated by Kotaku to be worth $4.5m, Pokimane’s Twitch channel appears to have become entirely self-sustaining. This announcement follows her recent comments where she suggested that influencers and celebrities should stop receiving end of freebies and gifts.

“Okay, I’m gonna be honest. Ya’ll need to stop giving people who got money free shit,” Anys said during a stream on October 19. “Like influencers, actors, people you recognise. They got money! You should say, ‘Hey, I’m a really big fan!’ and ask them to tip you extra. Okay?”

Anys hit 6 million subscribers just last month, and having received multiple sponsorship deals and partners during her streaming career, seems keen to give back and support the community.

The stream also recently took part in a dedicated Among Us stream with American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in an effort to encourage viewers to vote.

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