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Pokimane fulfils fans’ Amazon wishlists in Christmas present giveaway

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“Tryna spread a lil christmas cheer”

Twitch streamer Pokimane is gifting fans items from their Amazon wishlists in a Christmas giveaway on Twitter.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys explained that she wished to “spread a lil christmas cheer”, asking her fanbase to link her to their wishlists so that she could provide them with gifts.

At the time of writing, the comments under the tweet exceed 27,000 and it is unclear how many people will be receiving gifts. Pokimane has said the response makes her “feel like Oprah”.

She commented that she has already gifted items included a sofa, notebooks, and baby clothes, but will be drawing the line at sex toys, saying of the frequently requested item: “It ain’t in my budget,” she wrote.

Pokimane recently updated her Twitter account with news that her Amazon account had locked her out, which may be the result of her gifting spree. She assured fans that the presents would continue, once she was able to gain access to the account.

Pokimane has requested that third-party shipping is turned on so that the gifts can be sent seamlessly, and the tweet is still available for people to comment.

Pokimane received a considerable amount of gifts from her fans throughout the years, which culminated in an unwrapping stream over the Christmas period. She decided to turn the tables this year, saying “I know the holidays can be harder this year for people”.

This comes just one month after her decision to cap Twitch donations, saying anything over $5 is “unnecessary”.

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