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Potential ‘GTA 6’ weapons revealed in ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ code

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If the rumour is true, this could be the biggest clue yet

A GTA forum user has leaked a series of files found in the Red Dead Redemption 2 source code that could provide more clues about Grand Theft Auto VI.

The much anticipated GTA VI has had fans frantically searching for clues – most often to no avail. Recently, a set of coordinates were followed that led to a suspicious-looking road that had theorists scratching their heads.

This time around, some assets have been unearthed, leading some to believe that not only do these weapons confirm the game itself, but also the time period it is due to be set in. GTA forum user DerekLeet unveiled the surprise content through data mining, spotting the out-of-time weapons immediately.

The weapons include a Browning Pistol, an AK47, and an L1AL rifle. As the hacker explained, none of these were in use during the time period RDR2 is set in, but were also a bit too old to be GTA V leftovers.

Many fans suspect this to be an indicator that the new game will be set in the 1980s, but others remain unconvinced of its significance. As the items were within RDR2 source code from release, it is possible they were merely test weapons and not directly related to any other game.

Nothing has been confirmed and these are all speculative rumours, but the frequency of suspected GTA VI hints is in no danger of letting up.

Meanwhile, in other Grand Theft Auto news, a data leak seems to hint at the return of Manhunt to GTA Online, a feature that has not been seen in the games for years.

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