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PS5 has reportedly sold 3.4million units within its first month

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It’s also expected to shift up to 18million units in 2021

Sony has managed to shift 3.4million PS5 units within the consoles first four weeks of launch, according to a new report.

Along with the record figure of 3.4million consoles sold, the PS5 is also anticipated to reach up to 18million sold in 2021, per Digitimes. Its sales within the first four weeks would make it the highest ever for a PlayStation console.

The publication cites several “industry sources” for the information. It also added that the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and backend service firms are being used to help reach 2021’s production of consoles between 16.8 to 18million.

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is also said to be helping AMD with production, who have manufactured its own custom CPU for the PS5. The company has reportedly secured additional capacity to help speed up manufacturing.

The PS5 is already said to have had the biggest launch in US history, beating the PS4 as the previous fastest selling console in the US. As for the UK, various retailers have spoken out saying that there will be no more console stock till some time in 2021.

Sony also revealed that the PS5 is its “biggest console launch ever”, with demand for the system being “unprecedented”. The launch has also seen a huge increase in scalpers, who have been spotted on sites such as eBay reselling the consoles upwards of $5000USD.

Japan has also seen the PS5 outsell the Xbox Series X, although, numbers indicate a downfall compared to the launch of the PS4.

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