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PS5 update finally seeks to sort out the cross-gen game issues

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It’s been a major issue among gamers since the console’s launch

Sony has updated the PS5 to ensure owners can easily determine when they are playing a cross-gen game.

Many users have found cross-gen support on the PS5 fairly confusing, not knowing whether they are playing the PS4 or PS5 version of a title. According to a recent discovery from Video Games Chronicle, a new update aims to clarify that issue.

When users wish to load up a cross-gen game now, it will confirm which version it is, as well as offering you the option to switch to the other iteration. It means players will be able to fully confirm which version they wish to play, instead of accidentally booting up the wrong copy.

Check out the new warning display below:

Owners of Ubisoft titles such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion encountered issues where their consoles would not allow them to load up the PS5 version of the game. The issue seemed to be strictly affecting European owners, with a temporary workaround being to change the console’s region to Turkey.

Previous post-launch updates to the PS5 have sought out to squash any bugs and glitches that owners have been experiencing. Issues such as players hitting a “Queued for Download” bug and not being able to download games, on top of another problem where installed physical games would delete themselves were both rectified.

Despite issues, the PS5 has been a worldwide success, as it was proven the console had the biggest console launch in US history. Stock shortages are also increasingly low as many UK retailers have reported that no more consoles will be available until 2021.

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