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Quantic Dream CEO on Xbox Series S: “It is confusing for developers”

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David Cage says he’s not a fan of Microsoft’s dual console strategy

David Cage, the CEO of Quantic Dream, known for games such as Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain, has said that he’s “not a big fan” of Microsoft’s strategy to release two next-gen consoles, Xbox Series X and Series S.

Cage questioned the tech giant’s decision to release a lower-end console during an interview with Wccftech, claiming that it could impede the innovation of next-gen games due to the wide difference in hardware.

He compared developing for the Xbox Series X and Series S to game development on the PC, where various configurations of hardware make creating games “much more complex” for studios. “There is a strong chance that most developers will focus on the lower-end version to avoid doing two different versions,” he said.

“I must confess that I am really not a big fan of this situation,” Cage added. “I think it is confusing for developers, but also for players, and although I can understand the commercial reasons behind this choice, I think the situation is questionable.”

Last year, Quantic Dream ended its decade-along exclusivity deal with Sony. It has since released games such as Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain for the PC, and has previously committed to making its upcoming releases multi-platform, according to DualShockers.

In other Xbox Series news, Microsoft recently released a new trailer for the consoles, featuring Black Panther and Get Out actor Daniel Kaluuya. The advertisement also includes a look at the world of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, as well as a cameo from Halo’s Master Chief.

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