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Rare signed ‘Magic: The Gathering’ card sells for $511,100

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The card was signed by the artist

A rare Magic: The Gathering card, the Black Lotus, has sold for $511,100 (£374,526.41) at auction.

Yesterday (January 27), the most coveted card in Magic: The Gathering was sold at auction, its price boosted by its condition. The mint-condition card carried several unique identifiers. including thicker corners and an original case.

The main selling point, aside from its rarity, was the fact that artist Christopher Rush had signed the card’s case. Rush’s artwork defined the ’90s iterations of the world’s most popular collectible card game, and with his passing in 2016 the signed card has only gone on to hold more value.

The eBay listing for the 1993 card detailed it as part of the Alpha set of Magic: The Gathering cards and as having been graded by PSA, one of the two main graders of such cards. The Black Lotus requires no mana in order to be played, and actually provides three mana of any colour to the player’s pool when activated. This allows spells to be cast quicker than other cards in the series.

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