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‘Red Dead Online’ bridge glitch sends players flying across map

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The bridge at McFarlane’s Ranch can catapult you across to Mexico

Red Dead Online players are using rickety bridges to fast travel across the map thanks to a strange new glitch.

If players head to McFarlane’s Ranch they can throw hatchets or throwing knives at the planks along the bridge. As they planks break, the ropes along the bridge will whip up, sending players flying across the map.

Despite being sent huge distances, the impact of the landing is not quite enough to kill you, meaning some players are using it as a de-facto fast travel. This glitch also works on NPCs, meaning if you head to the Ranch and spot someone on the bridge, you can catapult them off in the same way.

Multiple players can do this glitch at once although it does not seem as effective with the extra weight.

Eurogamer‘s Emma Kent highlighted the glitch on Twitter, however it appears to have first been spotted by u/jaitom16 on Reddit earlier this week. It was thought to have been recently fixed by Rockstar Games, but Kent’s discovery proves otherwise.

Some players have used this map to go out of bounds, even discovering some Mexican towns cut from the final map, or entirely smooth landscapes without texture.

It’s not the first time Red Dead Online players have found unusual ways to travel. Earlier in the year players exploited a different glitch to allow them to bungee jump with vomit strands.

Red Dead Online initially released in beta as part of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018. At the time it was light on content and riddled with glitches, but Rockstar Games has gradually added more features to the online mode.

While glitches still remain, it has improved significantly since launch. The game recently got a Halloween update and will soon be released as a standalone game.

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