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‘Red Dead Online’ promises gifts and solo content after record-breaking year

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Both games will be focusing on players who play alone

Rockstar Games have published a blog post revealing their intention to create a range of new solo content, gear and rewards in Red Dead Online and GTA Online.

The two games were the subject of a post that detailed Rockstar’s plans for the near future, and thanked the fan community for their support in 2020. As GTA V was recently revealed to have sold over 10 million units in the last 10 months of 2020, the Rockstar franchises remained at the top of physical games best-seller lists all year.

GTA Online and Red Dead Online both broke their records from previous years regarding player numbers, with Rockstar thanking YouTube content creators in their post for the “funny, skillful, and artful creations that keep us coming back for more”.

The blog post announced a range of free gifts coming to the game soon in celebration of these achievements. The special bundle will include 5,000 Club XP, a free Horse, and a Stable Slot alongside other items and perks for Red Dead Online. GTA Online fans will be getting exclusive apparel items in-game.

Rockstar have also mentioned their dedication to solo gaming in the following months, promising updates for both games that include ways to play alone. Red Dead Online will receive new employment opportunities and GTA Online has already been marked for solo content updates in 2021.

The post ended by tantalising fans with the promise of more, stating they should “keep a lookout for more celebratory events in the near future for the chance to score new gear, bonus GTA$ and a free vehicle in GTA Online, and a range of new offers and Rewards in Red Dead Online.”

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