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‘Red Dead Online’ update brings Halloween to the Wild West

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The Wild West is about to get creepier

Spooky season has arrived in Red Dead Online with a new Halloween update that brings an array of new features, Rockstar Games has announced.

The online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2 is receiving a horror makeover to mark the holiday period. The update will feature an all-new Halloween Pass, two new legendary animals to hunt and a limited-time game mode that will take place throughout the event.

Players who purchase The Halloween Pass will be able to progress through 20 new ranks, up until November 16. New weapons, cosmetic items, camera filters, a gothic renovation of the Moonshine Bar and many other unique rewards also can be acquired.

The pass will also retroactively unlock tiers depending on the player’s previous rank. Anyone who purchases The Halloween Pass this week will be eligible to receive a free weapon component of choice. The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club also returns with rewards to pick up for free including a Phantom Buck Horse mask, bonus cash coupons, new camera filters and ammo parcels.

The encounter for Madam Nazar also returns alongside all the Halloween masks, which when purchased will come bundled with ten poisoned throwing knives and a free ability card. Meanwhile, all players who have taken on a Role will gain 2,000 Club XP and a 50 per cent offer off any weapon available at a fence.

Check out trailer for the Halloween Pass below:

Outside of the paid content, numerous free ghoulish upgrades have also been brought into the mix. The two new legendary animals consist of a Nightwalker Panther – said to reside around the mist and shadows of Bolger Glade – and the Ghost Panther that can be found hunting deer at Bluewater Marsh.

Red Dead Online is also getting a limited-time game mode called Dead Of Night. Four teams will fight against each other and the dead, with more points awarded for defeating other rival players. A Night Stalker Mask will also spawn on the map that, if obtained, will grant the wearer a host of supernatural abilities.

For all players who play the mode over the next week, triple the usual pay out will be awarded, alongside a special care package containing three Tomahawks, ten Volatile Fire bottles and 25 Incendiary Buckshot Slugs.

Other features of Read Dead Online’s Halloween update include a variety of store discounts, a special Opossum Vitalism Studies Pamphlet to complete and free fast travel up until October 26. Additionally, Prime Gaming members who link their accounts to Rockstar Games Social Club before November 16 will also receive multiple benefits. You can read the full outline of the Halloween update on Rockstar’s Newswire post.

Outside of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games recently purchased the Crackdown 2 developer, Ruffian Games, which is said to be “working closely with Rockstar on upcoming titles”.

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