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Relentless Games is removing two game modes from ‘Crucible’

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“We’ll be putting all of our efforts towards Heart Of The Hives”

Relentless Games has announced that it will be “retiring” two of the three game modes featured in Crucible, the studio’s recently released sci-fi shooter.

In a developer update, Relentless Games confirmed that it would be “retiring Harvester Command and Alpha Hunters for the foreseeable future” to focus on the fan-favourite Heart Of The Hives mode instead.

“The community has rallied around Heart of the Hives in an amazing way. Moving forward, we’ll be putting all of our efforts towards Heart Of The Hives and what we can do to make that mode shine. Focusing on one mode allows us to refine the design of core systems without the compromises we needed to make to support three game modes,” Colin Johanson, Relentless Games’ franchise lead for Crucible, said in the update.

“Our plan for this updated game direction will have two phases. In the first, we will build and iterate on the core systems necessary to support this Heart Of The Hives-centered vision for the game.”

Check out the update below.

The second phase will see the team add additional systems that will help elevate and polish the Crucible experience. The systems will be implemented according to player feedback from phase one.

Johanson also confirmed that the game will remain in its current “pre-season” state as the studio works to implement “top priority” features. “While there’s been a great response to the premise of our game from many players, we’ve also heard the feedback that there are features that we need to add as a top priority, like voice chat,” Johanson added.

“We agree, and we’re going to stay in Pre-Season until those features and polish are in Crucible. We’re also going to use our time in Pre-Season as a chance to go all-in on the parts of Crucible that are resonating most strongly with you, our community.”

Crucible is free-to-play FPS that was published by Amazon Game Studios on May 20. It is available for PC on Amazon Games and Steam. A release on other platforms has not yet been announced.

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