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‘Resident Evil Village’ news and gameplay coming next week

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More ‘Resident Evil’ news has also been promised

News on Resident Evil Village and the future of the series is set to arrive next week in a special presentation.

Resident Evil Showcase will air on January 21 at 10pm GMT, hosted by the series’ producers and will be available to watch through various platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

The Resident Evil Twitter account revealed the Showcase, promising to take fans “on a guided tour of Resident Evil Village”, including a new trailer and the first official gameplay walkthrough for the title. More news on the franchise has also been teased.

See the full announcement below:

The game was originally revealed during the PS5 Showcase back in June last year (2020). Since then, fans have been craving new details on the upcoming entry, which is set directly after the events of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard and is said to conclude the story set up in the previous entry.

It’s said the game will be exclusive to next-gen, however, Capcom has stated it will look into bringing it to the Xbox One and PS4, but refuse to make any compromises on the original game and as a result, “can’t make promises”.

As for the next-gen versions, a store page for the PS5 version went live, revealing some new details about Resident Evil Village. With full 4K support and HDR visuals, the PS5 version will also receive some specific bonus features, including DualSense support and use of the console’s 3D Tempest Audio.

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