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Riot Games and Bungie file joint lawsuit against cheat maker GatorCheats

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“When we become aware of a cheat maker, you bet we’re going to go after them”

Valorant developer Riot Games and Destiny 2 studio Bungie have filed a joint lawsuit against cheat maker GatorCheats.

The two companies filed the lawsuit on Friday (January 8), claiming that the cheat maker’s software has caused both studios “millions of dollars” in financial damage, as well as damage to their reputations.

In the lawsuit, which was obtained and shared by Polygon, the companies state that the cheats undermine Valorant and Destiny 2‘s free-to-play monetisation model, where players purchase “optional in-game items” in order to “enhance their experience”, by potentially “disrput[ing] and/or destroy[ing] the games’ player communities”.

“A vital part of the player experience is the fairness and integrity of the games, and thus Plaintiffs invest an enormous amount of time and money to ensure that all players stand on equal footing and have a fair chance of progressing in the games,” the lawsuit reads. “If players perceive that others are cheating or have an unfair advantage, they will grow frustrated with the games and stop playing.”

Bungie and Riot are now seeking an injunction against the distribution of Valorant and Destiny 2 cheats, as well as the end of support for any existing GatorCheats software. A full accounting of all GatorCheats sales in the United States, all proceeds earned from all GatorCheats sales, and a variety of damages and attorney fees have also been requested.

The lawsuit also noted that Cameron Santos – the founder of GatorCheats – was issued a cease and desist by Bungie in November. GatorCheats initially complied with the notice, informing players that it would stop selling the software, but later publically stated that it would continue supporting the cheats for players who had already purchased it. Bungie also believes that GatorCheats continued to sell the software privately.

A Riot Games spokesperson told Polygon that it believes “cheating undermines a game’s competitive integrity and erodes community trust”. The company is also “wholly committed to upholding these values for its players, so when we become aware of a cheat maker, you bet we’re going to go after them”.

It is worth noting that the GatorCheats website is now “under construction” and has been entirely stripped of content. A court date for the case has not been set.

GatorCheats is the latest hack-seller to be targetted by Bungie. Last October, Bungie issued a cease and desist order against PerfectAim for its Destiny 2 cheats, which are no longer available.

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