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Riot Games calls leaked ‘Valorant’ agents “old cancelled characters”

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“Lots of stuff [get] cut from the game over time”

Riot Games has confirmed that the recently leaked characters for its tactical shooter Valorant are actually old ideas that have now been scrapped.

Over the weekend, Valorant fans uncovered two unreleased agents called Shatter and Crusader, alongside audio files, abilities and more. However, lead character designer Ryan “Morello” Scott has revealed that those characters are just “super old cancelled characters”.

“I’ve talked a bunch on my [Twitch] stream about Crusader getting the axe. Y’all reading too much into files – lots of stuff [get] cut from the game over time,” he added. Check out his full tweet below.

One of Crusader’s abilities would have been a shield that allows the character to block damage. As Morello noted in an old Twitch stream, the agent was eventually transformed into one of Valorant’s current agents, Breach.

Prior to Morello’s statement, Shatter and Crusader were thought by fans to be part of the new agents headed to the game, as Riot Games previously revealed its plans to release six new agents a year. The next new agent is expected to launch sometime in early August.

Last week, Morello also revealed that his team are toying with the idea of buffing and nerfing a number of agents, including Breach, Sage, Viper and Raze. It’s currently known when these balance changes will take place.

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical hero shooter that was developed by Riot Games and released on June 2. NME’s Stacey Henley called the game a “competent hero shooter with the gun intensive gameplay of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the game-changing abilities of Overwatch” in a three-and-a-half star review.

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