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Riot Games details new Act Rank system for ‘Valorant’

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The developer wants “a ranked system that promotes growth and engagement”

Riot Games has revealed that it will introduce a new rank system to its online tactical shooter, Valorant.

Senior producer Ian Fielding announced the new system, called Act Rank, on the official Valorant website. Act Rank will not replace the current Match Rank system, but will instead act as an ongoing history of past rank placings per Act, which launch every two months.

“Currently in our Competitive system, your matchmaking rank is very closely tied to your skill (MMR) and it can move up or down fluidly depending on if you are having a good or bad day of competitive play,” Fielding explained. “We want you to have an accurate representation of your current skill in matches. We also want to build a ranked system that promotes growth and engagement over ‘peaking’ at a top rank, getting anxious about losing it and stuffing it in the fridge.”

The new system will be a reflection of a player’s nine best ranked wins of the act, as well as the number of games won. Act Rank will also track a gamer’s “proven skill”, which will be the “ninth best ranked win of the Act, to demonstrate you can consistently win at that level”.

Act Rank will be displayed as a triangle filled with smaller triangles that represent ranked match wins over the course of a single two-month Act. The larger triangle will also feature a border that changes with more wins, at nine, 25, 50, 75 and 100 win thresholds.

Players will also be awarded specialised Act Rank badges that can be displayed on their player cards during games. In addition, all Act Rank data will be saved in a player’s “Career” tab and will also be used to assess their skill levels for subsequent Acts.

Act Rank and all its new features are set to be introduced when Act II of Valorant is released. Riot Games has yet to announce an official release date for Act II, but all signs point to an August 4 launch, which is when the current Battle Pass ends.

For more details about Act Rank, read Riot Games’ full post here.

Riot Games is also set to introduce a new playable agent to Valorant during Act II. The developer has plans to add one agent every Act, but the number is likely to change depending on players’ feedback.

“This is another place where we’re going to need a little flexibility, because we really need to follow your cues here – how many agents are too many? How many are too few? But right now, six is the sweet spot, so six is what we’re targeting,” executive producer Anna Donlon said.

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