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Riot Games nerfs Sage again in new ‘Valorant’ patch

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The 1.01 update also tweaks Spike Rush mode

Riot Games has released patch 1.01 for its recently released tactical FPS, Valorant.

The biggest change this time around is another nerf for the agent Sage, whose cast range for her Barrier Orb ability has been reduced by half. “The 20m cast range was allowing Sage to aggressively take control of neutral territory in a way that was inappropriate for her role in Valorant,” Riot explained. “This range reduction aims to keep her strong while defending territory but reduce her efficacy at taking ground.”

Patch 1.01 also adds new sets of orbs, items that give teams special abilities or ailments if captured, for Spike Rush mode. Three new orbs have been introduced: Health, which grants HP regeneration; Deception, which reduces the enemy team’s vision; and Golden Gun, which turns your weapon into a one-shot, one-kill gun.

In addition, four of the eight various orbs will be randomly selected during each Spike Rush match, with the Full Ultimate orb being always available in every round. The game will also feature brand-new pre-round UI elements that showcase the orbs in play.

Other changes in the update include improvements for combat performance, as well as several bug fixes. Check out the full list of tweaks at the official Valorant website.

Spike Rush mode was introduced last week, alongside the map Ascent, during the official launch of Valorant on June 2. The game’s release also added an 11th agent to the game, Reyna.

Riot Games has also confirmed that it is currently working on console prototypes for Valorant. However, the game’s executive producer, Anna Donlon, cautioned that the company believes “there’s a way to play this game and there’s a way to experience this game that we’re not entirely sure translates completely to console play”.

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