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Riot Games nerfs shotguns in new patch for ‘Valorant’

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Alongside minor bug fixes and visual updates

Riot Games has returned from its week-long break with a new patch for its tactical shooter, Valorant.

Patch 1.06 is a relatively minor update, compared to previous patches for Valorant. The biggest update this time is major nerf to all shotguns, which have been made to be less accurate when fired in the air, with its spread penalty increased to 1.25.

Riot Games noted that while the weapon type was “doing well in situations they are supposed to, there’s been overly frustrating moments where people are accurate with these weapons while in the air”.

“We hope to curb some of those encounters while still making them possible if you catch an opponent at a short distance,” it added. “We’ll also be investigating more potential changes to shotguns now that we’re rested.”

The update also features minor changes to the blinding abilities for Phoenix and Breach. The audio and visuals for the abilities will now “better indicate when to turn away, and when it’s safe to look again”, according to the patch notes. However, it’s currently unclear how the changes will look like in-game.

Other changes include minor bug fixes to match history and details for deathmatch mode, missing rewards from Act 1 battle pass and more.

Earlier this month, Riot Games released patch 1.05 for Valorant, which arrived alongside the launch of the game’s Episode 1, Act 2. It included major nerfs for Raze, tweaked matchmaking for competitive mode and introduced the free-for-all deathmatch mode.

Act 2 also introduced the game’s 12th agent, Killjoy. She is the game’s first German character and features a skillset that revolves around the use of several robots.

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