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Riot Games reveals new ‘Valorant’ agent, Reyna

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She’s a high-risk, high-reward agent.

Riot Games has unveiled one of the two new agents being introduced when Valorant officially launches this week.

In a new announcement video posted on the official Valorant Twitter account, Reyna was shown off with over 30 seconds of gameplay, which includes a brief introduction to her abilities. Check out the video below.

Valorant’s Character Design Lead, Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott, took to Twitter to explain Reyna’s abilities in a little more detail.

According to Morello, two of Reyna’s abilities rely on Soul Orbs, which only appear after players get a kill with her. The first of these abilities allows her to regenerate her health and shields to full by absorbing the life from Soul Orbs. The second ability appears to be her Signature, in which she becomes invulnerable for awhile. It is also worth noting that the Orbs only last for a few seconds and cannot be taken into the following round.

Reyna’s final ability will see her cast a giant sphere that blinds enemies within an area of effect (AoE). Unless destroyed, the sphere will continue blinding enemies, allowing Reyna to swoop in for an easy kill.

Morello also added that Reyna is a high-risk, high-reward type of agent. “If she doesn’t get kills, though, she’s BAD. Like, near-useless. You’re making a big bet picking Reyna,” he wrote.

Valorant will officially launch on PC tomorrow, June 2. Rito also previously annocuned that players who were able to test out the game during the closed beta trial period will have their accounts reset.

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