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Riot Games will officially launch ‘Valorant’ worldwide in June

The accounts for players of the closed beta will be reset

After over a month of closed beta testing, Riot Games has announced that its much-anticipated free-to-play online tactical shooter, Valorant, will be released publicly on June 2.

Valorant’s game director Joe Ziegler and executive producer Anna Donlon revealed the news on Twitter, announcing that the game will be made available “across the majority of regions worldwide” beginning June 2 on PC.

Although no official list of regions was revealed, countries such as South Korea, Brazil, Oceania, Japan and Thailand were teased in the announcement. However, the game will not be available in Vietnam, and regions like India and the Middle East will not have dedicated servers at launch.

Check out the announcement below.

Valorant’s closed beta, which launched in April, will end five days earlier on May 28. The entire game will then go offline for maintenance as Riot prepares for launch. Players who have played the game during its closed beta period will have their accounts reset, allowing for an even playing field for all gamers when it officially launches.

The developers also stated that it is planning to add new game modes, characters and maps “shortly after launch”, and it will be deploying new servers in Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid and Warsaw to keep up with the influx of new players. For the complete list of updates, check out the official Valorant website.

Valorant made a splash when it launched its closed beta on April 7 to a near record-breaking number of viewers on Twitch. During its first day of closed beta, the game drew in 1.7million concurrent viewers to the streaming platform, just shy of breaking the record currently held by Fortnite and League Of Legends.

Valorant also recently gave players the choice to disable the Vanguard Anti-Cheat system when the game is not running. Players were initially concerned with the kernel-driver software that would run on players’ computers around the clock.

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