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‘Rust’ reaches new peaks on Twitch and Steam

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Pokimane, Shroud, Myth and more were playing together over the weekend

Multiplayer survival game Rust might be seven years old, but the popular title managed to reach new heights on both Steam and Twitch over the weekend.

The game hit a new peak viewership of over 1million concurrent viewers on Twitch on Sunday (January 3), thanks to a new private server featuring a number of popular streamers. Shroud, Pokimane, Disguised Toast, Sodapoppin, Myth and many more have been playing together on a server set up by OfflineTV.

Rust’s developer, Facepunch Studios, has since acknowledged the game’s burst of popularity on Twitter. “We have just joined the 1million viewers club on @Twitch ! POGGERS in chat!” it wrote

Check out the tweet below.

The game’s traction on Twitch has also seemingly translated into a larger player base. According to SteamDB, Rust reached its all time peak on January 4 with 134,483 simultaneous players, topping its previous record of 125,415 from April 2020.

Rust was originally released into Early Access in December 2013, and was later launched in full in February 2018. Since then, the game has maintained a relatively large player base of 50,000 to 80,000 daily players.

In other Twitch news, the platform announced in December 2020 that it will no longer allow words such as “simp”, “incel” and “virgin” to be used as insults on its platform. The new rule is part of its revamped hateful conduct and harassment policy, which is set to go into effect on January 22, 2021.

Earlier in 2020, Twitch users were faced with a slew of DMCA-related bans and content removal. The platform later apologised for the takedowns and assured that it will be “more transparent with what’s happening and what tools and resources we’re building to help”.

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