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Sean Murray says Hello Games is working on a new “huge, ambitious game”

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The title is “very early” in development

Sean Murray, the founder of No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games, has revealed that his studio is working on a “huge, ambitious” new game.

Murray announced the project during an interview with Polygon, where he compared the size of the upcoming game to No Man’s Sky. The news comes just a week after Hello Games released their puzzle-adventure game, The Last Campfire, which was their first original IP since 2016.

However, the developer remained tight-lipped about the game’s details, referencing the controversy surrounding No Man’s Sky when it first launched in 2016. “The choice that we had with No Man’s Sky where if I was to go back again, I would find it very difficult to know what the right path was,” Murray said.

“Where you will have incredible interest in your game, you will have a huge amount of excitement for it. But you will be in a rocket ship, launching towards the sun, and you will be building that rocket on the way up,” Murray added, saying that the backlash after No Man’s Sky launched was a “very, very hard process and I wouldn’t want to put anyone through that again”.

In a separate statement, Hello Games confirmed to IGN that the as-yet-untitled game is “very early” in development. The studio also reiterated its commitment to No Man’s Sky, adding that there will be “plenty” more updates to the space exploration game in the future.

Back in July, Hello Games released the Desolation update for No Man’s Sky. The new content added more horror elements to the game, with the introduction of abandoned freighters, hazardous substances, derelict defense systems and more.

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