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Sega is reportedly developing a live-action ‘Yakuza’ film

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“The saga of Kazuma Kiryu has a built-in cinematic appeal”

Sega is allegedly in the process of developing a new live-action film based on its hit Yakuza game series.

The film will be a partnership between Sega, 1212 Entertainment and Wild Sheep Content, according to Variety. Erik Barmack, Roberto Grande and Joshua Long will serve as the film’s producers.

Variety has also confirmed that no scriptwriters have been attached to the project yet. While details surrounding the film adaptation’s narrative are currently unknown, Variety and 1212 Entertainment have hinted that it will follow the escapades of franchise protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu.

“Yakuza offers us a new playground in which to set compelling stories with complex characters in a unique environment that audiences have rarely seen before,” 1212 Entertainment told Variety. “The saga of Kazuma Kiryu has a built-in cinematic appeal—a mix of kinetic action with bursts of comedy, multiple converging storylines, and a gripping journey towards redemption.”

This will not be the first time the Yakuza series has been adapted for the big screen. Back in 2007, Sega teamed up with ArtPort and CJ Entertainment for the Japanese-language Yakuza: Like A Dragon, which was directed by Takashi Miike and based on the original 2005 Yakuza game.

The Yakuza film is the latest in a long line of video game property that is being adapted to film or tv. Other popular video game franchises being adapted for other mediums include The Last Of Us, Uncharted, and Just Cause.

In other Yakuza news, the newest entry in the franchise, Yakuza: Like A Dragon, is set to launch on November 13. The game features a brand-new protagonist called Ichiban Kasuga, and will step away from its hands-on combat. Instead, the game’s combat will embrace an RPG approach and adopt a turn-based system.

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