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Sephiroth Kirby is the unexpected new star of ‘Super Smash Bros Ultimate’

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Is Kirby a pomade or hair gel man? Fans ask the real questions

Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans have taken to Twitter to declare their love for Sephiroth Kirby – a new character mash-up available in the latest Fighters Pass update and DLC.

Kirby’s copy ability has led to some quirky combinations in the game since the very first iteration of Smash Bros. His visual alterations are always a cause of excitement when new characters are revealed – with fans wondering which parts of their aesthetic the little pink hero will inherit.

The introduction of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII was announced in a recent presentation by Super Smash Bros Ultimate director, Masahiro Sukurai. He will be available from December 22, at first appearing in the Sephiroth Challenge, after which he will feature as an unlocked character.

Pitting Sephiroth against Kirby results in a rather interesting combination of iconic pink puffball and striking anime hair.

Fans seemed pre-occupied with the upkeep of this spiky hair, with one fan asking Nintendo to confirm their suspicions that Kirby was more of a pomade man.

Another speculated as to the regimen required to keep that hair glossy.

Sephiroth is the latest character to join the cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, following Arms’ Min Min and Minecraft’s Steve and Alex. Three more fighters are set to join the game in the future, although Nintendo has yet to reveal any details.

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