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Snoop Dogg owns an actual functional Xbox Series X fridge

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Based on the viral meme of the console

Microsoft has sent Snoop Dogg an actual Xbox Series X fridge, based on a popular meme of its upcoming console which went viral earlier this year.

The rapper unveiled the functional fridge, modelled after the Xbox Series X, on Saturday (October 24) via a now-deleted Instagram post. In the video, Snoop showed off the fridge’s insides, which was filled with a birthday cake, an actual Xbox Series X console and other Xbox-branded items. Upon opening, the fridge also played the Xbox Series X boot-up music.

Check out the archived video below.

That same day, tech influencer iJustine also released a video of herself unboxing the exact fridge which arrived in a giant Xbox Series X retail box. Later in the clip, iJustine revealed that Microsoft had produced three versions of the Xbox Series X fridges, and the third and final icebox will be given away to one lucky fan. More information on how to win the fridge will be posted soon on the official Xbox Twitter page.

Watch iJustine’s video below.

The Xbox Series X and S have reportedly started shipping out to retail stores, at least according to one Target employee in the US. The employee took pictures of the consoles’ retail boxes “moments after taking them off the truck”, and posted them on Reddit.

The two Xbox Series consoles are currently set to launch worldwide on November 10. Xbox chief Phil Spencer recently said that he expects the cheaper Xbox Series S to outsell its more powerful big brother by the end of the console generation.

“I think, over the generation, our expectation would be that price really matters and that you would see the Series S sell more,” he said.

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