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Sony finally reveals the PlayStation 5 console

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The trailer also gives players a look at a handful of peripherals

Sony has finally unveiled what its upcoming next-gen console the PlayStation 5 will look like.

The system was revealed during Sony’s The Future Of Gaming event, which treated viewers to over an hour of game announcements and wrapped up with the official showcase of the actual console.

The PlayStation 5 will come in two versions: the normal PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. The latter removes the disk drive entirely in favour of digital only games, which likely means a lower price point, although Sony has yet to provide any information on that at this time.

Other peripherals shown were a controller charging dock for up to two controllers, a headset which incorporates 3D audio and a noise cancelling microphone. The trailer also features a media remote and a HD camera. It’s yet to be revealed if any of this will be bundled with the console itself or if they’ll be available to purchase separately.

Watch the hardware reveal trailer for the PlayStation 5 below.

Not only was the console look finally shown, but a further in-depth look of the DualSense Wireless Controller which detailed features such as its adaptive triggers, built in-microphone and a headset jack.

Check out the quick breakdown below.

Though the console was displayed, Sony still didn’t deliver a price for either console or release date. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and president Jim Ryan previously said that “we’re going to launch [the PS5] this year and we’ll be global”.

During the Future Of Gaming event, Insomniac Games also revealed Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which is also due to release late 2020 to coincide with the console release.

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