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Sony is investigating the changes to the PS4 party system

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Many owners have raised concerns over the new changes

Sony has announced that it will take player feedback into consideration over the PS4’s new party system, following criticism from users after the recent firmware update.

Last week, the company released version 8.0 of the PS4 firmware, which implemented several changes, including the merging of messaging and party system into a singular function called Groups. However, players have since voiced their frustrations over the convoluted nature of Groups.

Prior to the implementation of groups, users could easily create parties and invite others to join them, from friends to other players online. After the change, players can only be added after “creating a new message group and inviting them to that, then to party chat”, according to VG24/7.

In a tweet, Sony has said that it has noted players’ concerns and that it is “looking into your feedback on the recent changes to Parties on PS4”, promising an update in due time. Check out the tweet below.

The company also received backlash for a separate new feature. After the update, owners were greeted with a message which revealed that “voice chats in parties may be recorded and sent to us by other users”. The statement led many to believe that Sony would be recording their conversations on the system going forward.

In a PlayStation Blog following the update, Sony attempted to clear any confusion around the feature. It was said that the new feature “enables gamers to report verbal harassment through a new Voice Chat reporting function”, and “its sole purpose is to help in reporting of inappropriate behaviour”.

Sony has also recently released further details about the upcoming PS5, including the console’s user interface and backwards compatibility capabilities.

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