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Sony releases extensive ‘Iron Man VR’ demo, announces bundle

The demo features four missions, plus an interactive cinematic

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released an extensive demo for its upcoming PlayStation VR game, Iron Man VR.

The free demo launched yesterday (May 21) on the PlayStation Store, and is available to players who own the console’s accompanying VR headset. The demo gives players a taste of what to expect when the full game is released and will help them get accustomed to the in-game flight system.

It includes the Malibu tutorial mission, the complete Out Of The Blue Stark Jet gameplay mission, plus two optional missions: the Flight Challenge and Advanced Combat Challenge mission. The demo also features an interactive Stark Jet cinematic starring Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.

Watch the demo trailer here.

The company has described the demo as a “small slice of the main game”. Players who try out the free demo will get an exclusive Molten Lava Armor decoration when the full game launches.

In addition to the demo’s launch, Sony also unveiled a new Iron Man VR bundle for the PlayStation VR. The set consists of a physical copy of the Iron Man VR game, a PlayStation VR headset, a PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers and a PS VR Demo Disc.

The bundle will be available across the US, Canada and several South American countries for USD $349.99. For a full list of countries or to pre-order the bundle, head over to the official PlayStation store.

Iron Man VR will launch exclusively on PlayStation VR on July 3. The game was initially set for a May release date, but was delayed indefinitely in April due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Players who had pre-ordered the game were given automatic refunds at that point.

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