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Sony says it will continually optimise PS5 fan with updates

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The patches will be based on user data

Sony has said that the cooling fan in the PlayStation 5 will be continually optimised through online patches.

Yasuhiro Ootori, general manager of Sony’s product design and hardware division, revealed the company’s plans in a recent interview with 4Gamer. He said that the updates will be based on the console’s accelerated processing unit (APU), which has a temperature sensor onboard.

“Various games will be released in the future, and data on the APU’s behaviour in each game will be collected,” he said, as translated by ResetEra user Orzkare and corroborated by Eurogamer. “We have a plan to optimise the fan control based on this data.”

Ootori previously hosted Sony’s teardown video for the PS5, where he showcased the system’s double-sided cooling fan, alongside a large heat sink. During the teardown, he also revealed that, in addition to the APU’s temperature sensor, the console will also feature three more sensors on the main board.

Last week, Ootori said that the PS5’s overall size was largely due to the system’s double-sided cooling fan. “It was possible to develop the PlayStation 5 to be smaller. For example, by implementing two cooling fans, one for side A and side B, the PlayStation 5 size would have been reduced,” Ootori told Xtech, as translated by VGC.

However, he also noted that it would have increased the cost of the system, and made it more difficult to control the system’s overall cooling ability. “With these additional obstacles in mind, we decided to cool both sides of the main board with one, large fan,” he added.

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