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Sony to announce new PSVR titles this week

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“[There’ll] be no PS5 news”, confirms Sony

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced a week of PSVR updates, including new titles, sales and more.

Gillen McAllister, Sony’s senior specialist of content communications, took to the PlayStation Blog to reveale that the company will “spotlight some upcoming games coming to PlayStation VR, including some announcements and updates for previously revealed PS VR titles” later this week.

To quell any expectations eager gamers might have, he also confirmed that “there’ll be no PS5 news” being shared this week. Instead, the PSVR spotlight will focus entirely on games coming to Sony’s virtual reality console.

Sony’s PSVR Spotlight will kick off at 7AM PST/10AM ET/3PM BST, with announcements being to be help at the same time every day until Friday, September 11. It will include both announcement of new games as well as updates for previously revealed PSVR titles.

Beginning this Wednesday (September 9), the PS Store will be hosting a PSVR game promotion. For a limited time, a handful of popular titles, such as Borderlands 2 VR, Tetris Effect, Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood and L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, will be available at a discounted price for a limited time until September 23.

The first game to be announced for PSVR support was Minecraft, which will arrive on the VR console this September via a new update, although a date has not been announced. The update will let players play Minecraft through their headset via two modes.

Immersive mode changes the player’s viewpoint to a first-person view with the world surrounding them in a full 360 degree range, while Living Room mode puts players in a digitally rendered room where the game is presented on a screen in front of them.

In other PSVR news, the highly anticipated Hitman 3 is set to arrive in January 2021 with full PSVR support. Since the game will come bundled with previous games in the franchise, all of the games in the pack can be played in the VR format.

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