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‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ update fixes photo mode bugs

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Other fixes include stability improvements

Insomniac Games has released a new update for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales that fixes a number of bugs and stability issues.

The update, which went live on Thursday, November 26, fixes a variety of issues that caused players’ screens to blackout while changing the time of day in-game. Also fixed is an issue where players were not able to change suits while using the game’s photo mode.

Additionally, the patch also fixes an issue where the weather did not change to match what players had selected, as well as improved stability, although specific details remain unknown at the time of writing. Check out the complete list of patch notes here.

Earlier this week, Insomniac released an update for Marvel’s Spider-Man, which allowed players to transfer save files from the PS4 version of the game to the PS5 remaster. Besides file transfers, players’ trophies can reportedly also be carried forward to the PS5 version. It also fixed the unspecified issue that caused the PS5 console to crash while set to Rest Mode with the game running in the background.

In other Spider-Man: Miles Morales news, players have discovered a hidden tribute in-game to the late Chadwick Boseman, who famously portrayed Black Panther on the silver screen.

While the tribute to Boseman during the game’s credit reel was public knowledge ahead of the game’s release, reddit user RollieDell had discovered a second tribute, through which 42nd Street had been changed to Boseman Way as a memorial to the deceased actor.

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