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‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ will have optional 4K, 60fps options on PS5

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“Swing through the city like never before”

Insomniac Games has revealed that the upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales will features a high-resolution “Performance Mode”.

The developer shared details on the modes available via its Twitter account. Players will will the option to play Spider-Man: Miles Morales in 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second (fps) on the PS5.

Check out the tweet below.

It’s unclear what other modes will be available besides this “Performance Mode”. However, the initial reveal trailer, which showcased the game in 30fps, suggests that the game also also be playable in that setting.

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man was previously used an example of the PS5’s power previously. Last year, a behind-closed-doors tech demonstration for the PS5 showcased the loading times in Spider-Man across both generations of console. The PS4 version clocked in at 8.10 seconds, while the PS5 counterpart boasted 0.83 seconds.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is set to be a standalone experience for the PS5. The game will follow a similar vein to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, in which it was a smaller experience than its predecessor, but enough to warrant full game.

The story will follow the events of the first game and put players in the shoes of Miles Morales as he comes to terms with his new found web-slinging abilities. No confirmed release date has been announced, however the initial trailer stated “Holiday 2020”.

Sony recently delivered a look at what box art for PS5 games will look like, using Spider-Man: Miles Morales as a template. The design is reminiscent of the PS4 design work, but will utilise the white colour scheme more prominently across the case.

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