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‘Spider-Man Remastered’ developer responds to threats: “Be respectful”

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Bryan Intihar joins a long list of developers being threatened reuglarly

Insomniac Games’ Bryan Intihar has revealed that he has been the target of multiple threats following the reveal of Peter Parker’s recasting in the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

Intihar, who is the creative director at the game studio, took to Twitter on Saturday (October 3) to share his experience with the threatening messages, while calling for fans to be respectful over their opinions.

“To our Spidey fans: I totally appreciate your passion, but sending me threatening notes that you will ‘HUNT YOU DOWN AND WE WILL FIND YOU! YOU FIX THIS NOW!’ isn’t cool,” he wrote. “With what’s happening in today’s world, let’s be a force for good and be respectful of each other. Thank you.”

Read his tweet below.

Intihar’s post comes days after it was revealed that Peter Parker’s face model had been recast for the remaster of Marvel’s Spider-Man, in order to better utilise the new technology available on PS5. Fans of the original 2018 game were quick to criticise the change on social media.

Since Intihar posted about his experience on Twitter, a number of developers and members of the video game industry have voiced their support for Intihar and the team at Insomniac Games.

Cory Barlog, who heads Sony’s Santa Monica Studios and is best known for the God Of War franchise, and Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog’s vice president and The Last Of Us creator, have since reached out to Intihar with supportive messages.

In addition, Barlog has also condemned the abusive comments, saying that “this is not the way” in a separate tweet. “Bryan is a good person. The entire Insomniac team is filled with hard working, great fucking people. […] We should be better to the people who make the things we love.”

Earlier this year, Druckmann and actress Laura Bailey received similar threats over the ending of The Last Of Us Part II. In particular, Bailey, who voiced the character of Abby in the game, received numerous death threats against her and her family in July for her role in the game. Naughty Dog has since condemned the threats.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered will be available on PS5 exclusively through the Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition. The game is set to be released on November 12 and November 19, according to the PS5’s regional release dates.

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