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Spongebob comes to ‘Madden NFL 21’ in “Reef-Top” crossover

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It’s the crossover none of us expected

Madden NFL 21 will be getting new Spongebob-themed content in the ‘Reef-Top’ update, including play styles, clothing and locations.

EA confirmed the unusual DLC in a video posted to their Twitter. The trailer shows off a new location in The Yard, featuring many Spongebob staples. The Krusty Krab can be seen, as well as a Nickelodeon blimp and a Spongebob balloon.

Challenges will be set accordingly, with rewards based on the popular cartoon series. Exclusive Spongebob gear will drop with each win, including bright and colourful clothing based on Squidward, Patrick, and the titular Sponge himself.

The release of this new update promotes the NFL Wild Card game airing this weekend on both CBS and Nickelodeon – bringing the two brands together in more ways than one.

Reef-Top will also include Spongebob-themed ways to play and celebrate a win, including the Goo Lagoon Bowl and the Flying Duchman’s Ghostly Grab which allows players to jump higher than usual.

Sandy’s Rocket Arm Rally is a skill that lets players throw passes further than 80 yards at a time, and the Goo Lagoon Bowl reduces everything to slow motion.

Madden NFL 21 is still receiving regular updates, with the latest intended to improve draft tools, house rules, and allow commissioners to set X-Factor customisation restrictions. The game also released an update in September of last year that was intended to fix Franchise Mode.

The reception to the game has been mixed, with many fans claiming the 2021 game was not different enough from the 2020 offering.

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