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Square Enix outlines ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ post-launch and beta content

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The beta will contain up to 20 single-player and cooperative missions

Square Enix has hosted another Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream, where it announced the first post-launch hero and details for the upcoming beta.

After the game launches on September 4, Marvel’s Avengers is set to receive regular updates with new content, all at no additional cost. The first post-launch character was revealed to be Hawkeye, who will come complete with his own story missions, skill tree and abilities.

You can check out Hawkeye’s reveal trailer below:

The War Table also detailed content of the game’s upcoming beta, which will run across multiple weekends in August.

Players will kick off the beta with tutorial mission set on the Golden Gate Bridge that will providing a feel for how combat and exploration will play out in Marvel’s Avengers. Completing this will open additional solo missions.

Among the single-player content will be stages involving the Hulk and Kamala Khan as they attempt to take down their nemesis, Abomination, in a mission titled ‘To Find Olympia’, and infiltrate a base to uncover secrets in ‘Missing Links’.

Once these missions have been completed, the beta will open up to allow players to try out a multitude of game modes with up to 20 single-player and co-op levels available.

Players will be able toplay as Iron-Man, Kamala Khan, Black Widow and the Hulk, all of whom can be leveled up across the beta’s many missions. The beta will features a Hero Level cap of 15 and a Power Level cap of 45, however, progress will not be carried over when the game is official released.

The beta will also support 4-player co-op games, with solo players and teams being able to dive into three different games modes. The first are HARM Challenge Rooms, which are augmented training simulations that players can dive into to fight against increasingly challenging waves of enemies.

By completing all three HARM room challenges, a nameplate will be unlocked in the main game to equip and show off. Alongside this, a collaboration with Epic Games allows players to earn the Hulk Smashers Pickaxe with a bonus Hulkbuster style to use in Fortnite.

War Zones are large mission-based levels full of exploration, enemies, collectables and secrets to uncover. Additionally, the beta will have Drop Zones which act as smaller versions of War Zones and offer quick skirmishes to obtain experience and items.

Last month’s Marvel’s Avengers War Table presentation gave fans an in-depth look at what players can expect in the full game. The deep dive outlined the story, which will feature MODOK as a villain, as well as game modes, customisation and progression.

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