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Square Enix releases first PC patch for ‘Marvel’s Avengers’

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The update focuses primarily on stability

Crystal Dynamics has released the first post-launch PC update for Marvel’s Avengers, which focuses on stability issues.

Patch V1.0 Build 12.9, which is available now, was announced via the Steam developer blog. The update is “based on the data we have collected after Early Access started a few days ago”, the developer noted, adding that its “primarily focused on stability”.

The patch includes a “work-around” for Nvidia 10-series driver issue that caused multiple crashes, resolves a bug that caused players to throw/shoot projectiles as Hulk or Iron Man and fixed a issues that caused players to crash in the sewers. It also finally enables Steam Cloud for players to sync their saved games across multiple PCs.

“We are aware of a number of other issues that are causing problems for some of our players, and teams are hard at work addressing those, but for now we want to make sure we get these stability improvements that have already been identified to all of you,” Crystal Dynamics noted.

In other Marvel’s Avengers news, Square Enix announced that the first post-launch hero to join the roster will be Kate Bishop. The expansion – which has not received a release date – is set to take place immediately following the events of the base game’s campaign, and will tie into Hawkeye: Future Imperfect, which will arrive at a later date.

The game also broke a major record recently, becoming the most downloaded beta in PlayStation history. The game was made available in beta ahead of its launch, which six million players partook in over three consecutive weekends.

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