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Square Enix’s ‘Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road’ has been delayed

Square Enix is still trying for a Spring 2020 release

Square Enix has revealed that its upcoming Kingdom Hearts mobile game spin-off, Dark Road, has been delayed.

Announced via the game’s official Twitter account, the development of the game has been postponed due to “current conditions”, most likely related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

However, the Japanese company is still aiming for a spring release, according to its statement. Square Enix plans to reveal more in an update early next month, although a firm date for the announcement has not been released.

The game, originally dubbed Project Xehanort, was first announced in January through a contest held by its developers where players had to guess the name of the mobile game. The game’s official name was then revealed later that month, with more details including screenshots of the game being announced in February.

Square Enix has noted that the free-to-play Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road will feature “exhilarating, high speed battles that depend on reflexes”. The game will be available via the Union X app on iOS and Android when it releases.

Kingdom Hearts is a wildly popular series featuring crossovers of Square Enix and Disney characters. The franchise made its long-awaited return last year with Kingdom Hearts III, the follow-up to 2005’ Kingdom Hearts II.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is the latest game to be postponed since the coronavirus pandemic first broke out earlier in the year. Among the most notable titles that were delayed include Sony’s The Last Of Us Part II, Ghost Of Tsushima and Iron Man VR, all of which have since received new release dates.

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