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‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ gets a new exciting cinematic short, ‘Hunted’

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The clip is “told from the Empire’s point of view”

Electronic Arts (EA) has released a new cinematic short for Star Wars: Squadrons that is set prior to the game’s events.

Hunted is a nearly seven-minute-long cinematic short film that introduces players to Varko Grey, one of Squadron’s cast of characters. In the clip, Grey finds himself to be the last TIE pilot in a battle against a rogue X-wing that is relentlessly hunting him down.

A description of the short film on the Star Wars website notes that Hunted is “one of the few pieces of linear Star Wars storytelling that’s told from the Empire’s point of view”, and that the clip should make players feel sympathetic towards Varko Grey.

Check out the cinematic below.

“As we were getting closer to launch, we felt like we could benefit from doing something big and exciting that would just remind Star Wars fans out there how awesome it is to fly around in an X-wing and an A-wing, and reignite the love for the dogfight fantasy again,” EA’s Neel Upadhye said of Hunted’s conception.

EA has also confirmed that pre-ordering the game will entitle players to a slew of cosmetic items fashioned after the Var-Shaa Hunter and Var-Shaa Survivor from the Hunted short film.

Players who pre-order the for PC via the Epic Games Store will also receive a free Vanguard Squadron X-wing Glider in Fortnite. The Gilder will be in addition to the New Republic Recruit and Imperial Ace cosmetic items that are being offered in Star Wars: Squadrons as a pre-order bonus on all storefronts.

Star Wars: Squadrons is currently scheduled to release on October 2 on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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