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‘Star Wars Squadrons’ patch adds 120fps support for Xbox Series X but not PS5

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The patch also makes Foster Haven available on Dogfight and Fleet Battles modes

EA Motive has released a new patch for Star Wars Squadrons, which adds a number of next-gen improvements as well as new cosmetics and more.

The update includes support for up 120fps and 4K resolution on the newly released Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, with an option for players to prioritise enhanced visuals or enhanced performance.

On the PS5 side of things, the game has received “improved visual quality and lighting” with “variable frame support added for TVs and monitors that allow it”. It is currently unclear what the visual quality improvements for the console include.

Besides the next-gen improvements, the patch also adds the Foster Haven map for Dogfight and Fleet Battles modes. The Foster Haven map had previously appeared in the game’s prologue missions, but are now made available for multiplayer modes.

Additionally, improved matchmaking support has been introduced. Due to cross-gen play through backwards compatibility, players have been experiencing highly divergent load times for matches. Now, players who have not finished loading when a match begins will have an additional time window to join the ongoing match, instead of having to start all over again.

More options have also been introduced for cosmetics, including two new Starfighter paint jobs – Typhoon Squadron for the New Republic and Interstellar for the Empire – as well as an X-Wing skin based on Luke Skywalker’s Dagobah ship.

The patch also includes bug fixes for player screens blacking out after redeploying from the hangar, tweaks being made to the UI, VR resolution updates and more. Check out the full patch notes here.

The free update comes a week after EA announced that the game would be receiving post-launch content after all, despite the studio having repeatedly insisted that the base game was a finished product.

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