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‘Star Wars Squadrons’ will be getting post-launch content after all

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EA has gone back on its word again – but this time it’s a good thing

Despite repeatedly insisting that there were no plans for Star Wars Squadrons post-launch content, EA Motive has announced two new major updates for the space combat game.

The developer revealed the forthcoming content drops through a detailed blog post on the official EA website. The updates will include the introduction of two new starfighters – the fan-favourite B-Wing and TIE Defender – a new multiplayer map and custom matches. The updates will be free for all players.

“Humbled. That’s the word of the hour for all of us on the team,” EA Motive said. “When we set out to make Star Wars Squadrons, the team had a singular vision: make the next great starfighter experience. We wanted to honour the classic games that came before us and provide everything to our players from the start in a nice, neat package.”

“But then, we showed the game to everyone and the reception was so much more than we could have hoped for. It only became more intense after release, too, so we couldn’t help but start working on something a little extra,” it added.

The first content drop is scheduled for release on November 25 as part of Update 3.0. It will add Fostar Haven, an area from the game’s prologue, to multiplayer mode, with the ability to play Fleet Battles and Dogfight mode.

Update 4.0 will arrive in December and add the aforementioned new starfighters into the game, alongside custom matches. The mode will let players battle on any of the maps in Star Wars Squadrons; players can also add or change restrictions and modifiers. A server browser to find private or public matches will also be available.

“Your enthusiastic support for Squadrons has enabled us to expand upon it further in all the ways outlined above, and I couldn’t be more thrilled,” the game’s creative director, Ian Frazier, noted in the blog post. “It’s because of your backing that we were able to get a bit of a head start on concepting all this cool new stuff. You really did make a difference.”

The upcoming updates, however, won’t be the first time new content has been added to Star Wars Squadrons. Last month, EA Motive released a small The Mandalorian-themed supply drop that introduced a number of cosmetic items, including a Baby Yoda bobblehead.

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