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‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ will feature customisable HUD, controls and more

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Players can make their cockpits as authentic or creative as they want

Electronic Arts (EA) has confirmed that Star Wars: Squadrons will afford players deep customisation options in the upcoming game beyond simple cosmetics.

In a recent interview with IGN Japan, Squadrons’ creative director Ian S. Frazier broke down a number of the upcoming game’s mechanics, explaining that all customisation options, including HUD, advanced mechanics and how other users’ ships appear to the player, can be personalised.

“Some players aren’t going to want to see any of [other player’s customisation choices],” Frazier said to IGN. “It won’t matter how plausible it is, they just want to keep it to exactly what we’ve seen in the films, no more and no less, and we totally get that.”

He continued to say: “And so we have an option in the game to hide everybody else’s cosmetics. So if you flip that on, then all of a sudden, if you want to put a racing stripe or whatever on your own TIE Fighter, you’ll see it, but everybody else’s is just going to look like a normal boilerplate TIE Fighter for you.”

Players’ HUD and cockpit can also be customised with cosmetic changes of their choice. Players will also be allowed to customise their HUD elements onto mechanics in the cockpit such as navigation screens. The power management system, which will enable players to adjust levels for engine, weapon, and shield energy levels, can be adjusted as well.

Frazier went on to reveal that the game will be playable in two modes: ‘standard’ and ‘hardcore’, the latter of which “gets rid of a bunch of UI that helps you localise yourself in space, and makes you rely entirely on the readouts in the cockpit.”

Star Wars: Squadrons launches on October 2 and will support cross-play between all of its platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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