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‘Star Wars’ VR game ‘Vader Immortal’ will be released on PlayStation VR this summer

The game was previously an Oculus exclusive

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series is coming to PlayStation VR this summer, and will be available as a complete series, according to an announcement made via the official PlayStation blog.

Per the announcement, all three episodes and lightsaber dojos in the game will be packaged as a single purchase for PSVR. A confirmed released date has not been announced yet. The game was previously an Oculus exclusive.

Vader Immortal’s narrative follows a Force-sensitive smuggler who is unwillingly recruited into Darth Vader’s service in a bid to resurrect his dead wife, Padmé. The game lets players battle with a lightsaber or use the Force to throw enemies and objects around, and pits them face to face against Vader himself.

The award-winning game’s creative director Mark Miller spoke about its conception: “Back in 2016, when ILMxLAB first started talking about creating a canonical VR series that focused on Darth Vader, our goal was to tell a new and unique story about one of the most infamous villains in the galaxy. We wanted to bring you into the world of Star Wars in a way that could only be done through immersive storytelling in VR.”

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series was first released in May 2019, with its second and third episodes being released periodically until November 2019.

In other Star Wars gaming news, Electronic Arts has launched a free new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order DLC for every player that owns a copy of the game. The DLC includes heaps of fresh content, including combat challenges, cosmetic sets, a red lightsaber, two new game modes – Combat Challenges and Battle Grid – and New Journey +.

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