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‘Super Mario’ creator Shigeru Miyamoto leads fans on a Super Nintendo World tour

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“I’m Mario’s dad!”

Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto led a Nintendo Direct presentation yesterday (December 18), taking fans on a tour of the upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park.

Appearing out of a warp pipe and referring to himself as “Mario’s dad,” the video saw Miyamoto walking around the park, beginning in the lobby of Peach’s Castle. The tour included many never-before-seen elements of the park, such as the animatronic Goombas and Koopas.

Miyamoto also explained the park’s Power Up wristband, which can be used to activate hidden secrets. These bands come in six different varieties (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, or Yoshi), and can be linked to your phone while inside the park.

These wristbands function like amiibos, meaning visitors can keep them when they leave and link them up to their Nintendo Switch.

We also got our first look inside Bower’s Castle, which is a glow in the dark maze, and a tour of the gift shop. In the gift shop, Miyamoto revealed an exclusive Mario figure which will only be available at the park: Tokotoko Mario.

We also saw the park’s restaurant, which features Toad chefs, and met the Mario and Luigi mascots of the park.

Finally, Miyamoto ended the tour with the park’s star attraction; the AR Mario Kart roller coaster. However, we didn’t see Miyamoto ride the attraction, just wander around some of the already revealed track.

Despite the name Super Nintendo World, the park appears to only feature characters from the Super Mario franchise. The park will officially open on February 4, having been delayed from this summer due to the pandemic.

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