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‘Super Smash Bros, Ultimate’ DLC and cut character info leaked

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Finally putting one rumour to rest

Information about a recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC and a previously cancelled character has been leaked by an industry insider.

The former editor of Game Informer, Imran Khan, has shared some new information pertaining to the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC on Reset Era. The DLC, which features Fire Emblem protagonist Byleth, was initially supposed to be on the main roster. Byleth’s moveset was based on that of another character who was subsequently cut from the game.

Although Khan gives no name to this cut character, he does specify that Byleth wasn’t a replacement as such, but was given a similar moveset when they decided to bring him back in.

Khan also comprehensively shut down rumours of a Monster Hunter character making a cameo in Super Smash Bros., as the developer behind the games is supposedly reluctant to allow their characters in other games. Given the relatively low amount of DLC slots left in the roster for Ultimate, it is unlikely he will change his mind any time soon.

The information leaked also gave some background colour to the inclusion of Min Min and Sephiroth, two recently added DLC characters on the Super Smash Bros. roster. Allegedly, Min Min was partly added purely because of her credentials as a Nintendo character, which made the process far simpler.

Sephiroth, for similar reasons, was added partially due to how cheap he was. Square Enix are alleged to have been keen to make the deal work, despite there already being a Final Fantasy representation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Nintendo have not yet commented on any of the information given by Khan.

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