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Support for PS5, Xbox Series X controllers added to Steam

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The DualSense will work on PC with some features absent

A new Steam Client Beta update has added support for both PlayStation 5 DualSense and Xbox Series controllers.

The update adds “initial input support” for the DualSense controller. However, at the moment the company has “not yet” added support for the trackpad, gyro, improved rumble or haptic triggers. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X controller, which was already previously supported, will now no longer show up as two separate peripherals.

Sony has already committed to added support for their new controller to older games such as Last Of Us Part II and God of War allowing players to feel the tension of the bow string and enhanced feedback from Kratos’ axe and shield.

In a glowing five-star review of the PS5, NME‘s Jordon Oloman stated that the DualSense controller was “game-changing” for the next-gen console. “There’s much to be said about the loading times and powerful performance upgrades, but we can’t really talk about the PS5 without dwelling on the DualSense,” he added.

It’s currently unknown whether PC games will be able to natively make use of the DualSense’s functions. It must be noted that the touchpad and gyro functions of the PS4 DualShock controller currently do not work natively with Steam games.

Reviewing the Xbox Series X, NME’s Jordon Oloman said that the console is “is a suave little unit with an exceptional catalogue of games, thanks to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass gambit and diligent backward compatibility measures.”

In the four-and-a-half-star review, Oloman also noted that the system’s “laid-back design makes it look lush in your living room, but the ultimate proof can be found in the pudding.”

For more details on how the next gen controllers perform, check out our reviews on the PS5 and the Xbox Series.

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