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TaeKeyboards launches Emoji Board Keyboard to spam Discord emotes

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It may not make you more popular in the chat

A build video for TaeKeyboards’ new Discord Emoji Board V1 has been released, showcasing its array of at-your-fingertips memes.

According to the developers , Discord emotes are the “backbone of every good server”, so the new keyboard allows for easier spamminge. The keyboard is built around a Peronic ortholinear mechanical framework.

The design is bright, in shades of yellow and grey with a swappable PCB in a tray-mount board base.

In terms of technical design, the key switches are Dragonfruit 63.5 Tactile with gold-plated internals. Initially, TaeKeyboards had intended to program the macros on VIA, but were unable to find the Pretonic board.

The board initially only allowed for one emoji to be sent at a time, but a recent update announced on Discord has amended the issue.

The updated configuration will allow for multiple emojis to be added to messages, whilst holding a single emoji down sends it immediately, allowing for unlimited spamming.

In other tech news, the Nvidia RTX 30 series is still proving hard to get, but the hardware is alleged to be worth the wait.

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