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Team Ninja has no plans for a new ‘Nioh’, teases ‘Ninja Gaiden’ news

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“Look forward to some potential news for some kind of announcement in the near future”

The Nioh series’ game director has said there are no plans at Team Ninja for a third instalment, but has teased Ninja Gaiden news.

Fumihiko Yasuda, the director of the series, has spoken to Video Games Chronicle (VGC) about its future potential, stating that there are no plans for a third entry in the Nioh series, nor a potential port to Xbox systems following its addition to PC next month.

“There are no current plans for the Nioh series to be on Xbox consoles at this point, but of course the Ninja Gaiden series has had a long history on Microsoft‘s consoles,” he told VGC. “So if there was to be a new title in the Ninja Gaiden series in the future, we’d definitely like that to be on Xbox consoles.”

While Yasuda has displayed an interest in returning to Ninja Gaiden, it’s said that there are “no plans currently” for a new entry, but has “always wanted to make a new instalment in the series”.

Despite the comments to VGC, Yasuda also spoke to The Gamer and said that fans should “look forward to some potential news for some kind of announcement in the near future”.

Speaking about series protagonist Ryu Hayabusa, Yasuda added that he “would definitely like to have him make an appearance again in a game coming soon, and I would like to announce details about that in the future, as soon as possible”.

A collection of the Nioh games is set to arrive on both PS5 and PC next month, bringing both games with remastered visuals and all post-launch content.

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