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Team Secret CEO on loyalty: “Our players are Team Secret for life”

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The team may also be adding Valorant to their roster

Team Secret CEO John Yao has said that loyalty and drive are big factors when scouting for the group.

Interviewed by SuperGamerFest 2020 as part of their line-up this year, Yao said: “our players are Team Secret for life”.

Asked how he selects his team from the thousands of esports hopefuls, he emphasised that Team Secret “want to achieve something amazing” and that he expects prospective teammates to “want to make a mark on this industry”.

“We are looking for players with that kind of drive,” he added. “We want those types of leaders that have the innate motivation”.

Team Secret is a global esports team that participates in DOTA2, PUBG, Rainbow Six: Siege, League of Legends, and Trackmania – winning the Team of the Year award at the Esports Awards 2020.

Yao was also asked about the possible introduction of new games into the team’s roster. He rsaid they are looking at the possibility of adding Valorant, as it would “tap into existing audiences who want to try something different”.

When asked if the team was looking to expand its global reach, Yao said that their focus was very much still on Europe and South-East Asia.

Yao also added that when looking for team members there is room for people of all backgrounds. “A traditional background can be a benefit, but it’s not the only thing I look for,” he said, adding: Tthe pros are that you have discipline and formal training, but the cons are you get to be boxed in”.

SuperGamerFest2020 has an array of events taking place over on their streaming page up until December 13.

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