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Teamfight Tactics is getting a speedy new mode

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“Something new, something turbo”

Riot Games have announced that its popular Auto Battler Teamfight Tactics will be getting a new mode later in the year.

The reveal came during Riot’s recent 2021 stream. The mode currently hasn’t been given a name, but it has been designed to be played in a much shorter time frame.

Teamfight Tactics currently takes around 45 minutes to an hour to play a round, and the update is designed to be played in under 20 minutes.

The project lead for Teamfight Tactics, TJ Bourus has said that the mode is designed to be played “when you’re short on time, like during meetings, during class, late at night, on your commute, waiting for food, or yes, even when you’re on the john”.

Full details are in the video below.

Bourus described the new mode as “something new, something turbo” and that it was “It’s still TFT, but a bit simpler and much faster”. More information is expected later in the year.

The stream also confirmed that they intend to release two new sets for the game, starting with the Fates Mid-Set which will see champions Aurelion Sol and Swain returning to play.

Two complete new arenas are also coming to the Mid Set, Club Two and Lunar City, as well Lunar New year themed emotes and Little Legends.

The final Set update that was teased was the fifth set. No name has been revealed yet, but according to Bourus it has a good-versus-evil vibe, with champions Garen and Riven representing the good team, and Darius, Morgana and newly revealed Viego representing the bad team.

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