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‘The Division 2’ and ‘Resident Evil’ are getting a crossover event

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The two massive games collide for a special event celebrating the survival horror classic’s 25th anniversary

The Division 2 is getting a special Resident Evil crossover, which will run from February 2-15.

Details emerged during Thursday’s Resident Evil Village Showcase, where a quick trailer showed off just some of what’s included in the upcoming collaboration. In honour of Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary, The Division’s operators can be kitted out with a variety weapons and skins taken straight from classic Resident Evil games. The trailer also seems to suggest that a new game mode or location might be in the works.

Watch the full trailer below.

The trailer reveals several familiar costumes, such as Jill Valentine’s classic outfit, S.T.A.R.S. uniforms and HUNK’s iconic suit – seen at the end of the brief clip.

The trailer also shows a crew of operators pushing through the fiery wreckage of what appears to be a location much like Raccoon City. Clad in equipment from the Resident Evil series, it appears the entire scene is a reference to the zombie outbreak that started it all so many years ago on the original PlayStation. Though the showcase didn’t outright confirm it to be true, it’s possible the event could hold much more than simple weapon and character skins.

The crossover event will run from February 2-15, and all participants who log in will receive a Leon Kennedy Raccoon City Police Department outfit skin.

Just yesterday (21 January), ahead of the showcase, details surrounding Resident Evil Village’s multiplayer mode were seemingly leaked. Humble Bundle released the store listing for the game early, pinpointing some new details about Resident Evil Village, more specifically, a multiplayer element titled Resident Evil Re:Verse. Little else about it is known so far.

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