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‘The Last Of Us Part II’ gets a dark new cinematic TV trailer

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No gameplay was showcased

With the release of Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us Part II inching closer, promotion for the highly anticipated game is now in full swing, the latest of which, comes in the form of a new cinematic TV commercial.

The TV spot, which apparently aired on ESPN, features cinematic CGI cuts between scenes of Ellie playing her guitar and singing for Dina, and her encountering Clickers and other highly dangerous survivors. As the spot ends, she stands up from behind a car, gun in hand and ready to fight.

Check out the trailer below.

While no gameplay was showcased in the trailer, it gives gamers a look at dark themes of the upcoming game, which sees Ellie seeking revenge against two warring factions – the WLF and Seraphites – in Seattle after they wronged her, while the Infected evolve and grow stronger.

The new trailer comes a week after the game’s dedicated State Of Play broadcast. The 23-minute episode showcased new gameplay mechanics and 8 minutes of previously unseen gameplay footage.

The latest episode of Inside The Last Of Us Part II has also showcased the minute details that are going into the game, from how characters’ forehead veins pop and how their tears flow, to the recreation of Seattle’s landscapes years after the apocalyptic pandemic broke out.

The Last Of Us Part II will release exclusively on Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 4 in two weeks, on June 19. Pre-orders are currently available, with over four different bundles to choose from. A special limited edition PS4 Pro bundle themed after the game has also been announced.

Sony has also confirmed that despite major leaks last month, the game’s pre-orders sales have continued to be strong.

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